Special position created for finance management of government offices

Members of the Civil Service Commission | Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – A special position, Chief Accounts Executive, has been created by the government of Maldives to overlook and manage the finances of government offices.

With this, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) of Maldives announced vacancies for the position in the Education Ministry, Health Ministry as well as in the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, with a deadline extending until this coming Thursday. This comes following cases of corruption within several ministries of the government that have gotten exposed, including that of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism with regards to the expenses of Covid-19.

The job, which comes with a basic salary of MVR 25,000 also has a job allowance of MVR 1,176 for every day reported to work. However, as the job is a managerial position, over time and public holiday allowances would be exempted from the pay. The job selection process is reported to be the same as that of any other position under the Civil Service sector.

Requirements to be qualified for the position include, being a qualified accountant of an accounting body recognized by the International Federation of Accounts (IFAC), as well as having have acquired six years of experience in public finance or eight years of experience in the accounting field, out of which, either fields of experience must comprise of two years in a managerial level.

The selection priority would be given as follows;

  • 40 % for experience
  • 20 % for experience in the public finance sector
  • 10 % for experience in the private accounts sector
  • 10% for experience in a managerial position in the finance or accounting sector

The interview and presentation is to be carried out by an external panel decided upon by the Civil Service Commission, which should include two persons recommended by the Ministry of Finance and one person representing the Chartered Accountants of the Maldives, required that the representation of the Chartered Accountants of Maldives should not be the same individual representing the Ministry of Finance.

The job entitles responsibilities of managing the entire financial sector of the Ministry, including budgeting, expenditure, procurement, cash management, reporting, bank accounts, and projects.

According to the Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Hoodh, the position was created to strengthen the overall fiscal accountability mechanisms with in the government.