Transport Ministry signs MOU with SRI

Minister Aishath Nahula | photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has signed an MOU with Seafarers Rights International (SRI) today.

SRI is an independent organisation that is working towards protection the rights of seafarers and promoting seafarers in the field of research and technology. The MOU signed between Transport Ministry and SRI today was about giving technical aid in making laws to further strengthen the maritime industry of Maldives.

The MOU was signed in an online meeting held today. Representing the Tourism Ministry, Minister Aishath Nahula signed the MOU while SRI was represented by Executive Director Deirdre Fitzpatrick, who signed the MOU.

Regarding the MOU, Minister Nahula said that Maldives would be able to receive technical aid in making laws to strengthen and develop the maritime industry. Minister further said that help from SRI will also be received in maintaining the maritime standards at an international level.