Name of ‘Mother’s Room’ in parliament to be changed

Mothers Room of the Parliament which is now to be renamed | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, has revealed that it has been decided to change the name of the Mother’s Room in the Parliament, which was inaugurated just this Monday.

Speaking at the Parliament today, Nasheed revealed that many women has expressed their dissatisfaction due to the room being named ‘Mother’s Room’.

“The truth is, this is a children’s room. Not a mother’s or father’s room. This is a children’s room. So I will have it corrected.” Nasheed said, detailing that although the installation of the name board for the room came with some expenses, the name would be changed to another name such as children’s room or nursery.

“This issue had to be highlighted because of the extensive amount of messages I have received and that on the media. I received a good thirty-two messages about this yesterday.” Nasheed exclaimed.

Inaugurating the room on Monday, Nasheed said “So if anyone’s child has to be brought to the Parliament because the child cannot go anywhere else, they can be looked after at the Parliament. The children can stay in the Mothers’ Room and play a little bit and do activities of that nature. Then I will look after the kids as much as I can.”

However, he did highlight that although a Mothers’ room has been established in the premises, it would be best to have the children stay at home with their families during this time, hinting at the health risks of Covid-19.