Mothers’ Room established in Parliament

Parliament building in Male, Maldives | Photo: narvikk/iStock

Male’, Maldives – A mother’s room has been established in the Parliament of Maldives, announced Speaker Mohamed Nasheed on Monday.

Nasheed’s announcement came following a Member of the Parliament, who is pregnant, requesting to be placed in a side of the Chambers. Addressing the matter, Nasheed said that currently there are no set regulations to “create space” for pregnant Members, expressing that he does not believe that the Chambers should be so unaccommodating for expectant mothers.

He added that of today, there would be a Mothers’ Room in the Parliament, which will be open to be used as of Monday.

“So if anyone’s child has to be brought to the Parliament because the child cannot go anywhere else, they can be looked after at the Parliament. The children can stay in the Mothers’ Room and play a little bit and do activities of that nature. Then I will look after the kids as much as I can. ” Speaker Nasheed said.

However, Nasheed said that although a Mothers’ room has been established in the premises, it would be best to have the children stay at home with their families during this time, hinting at the health risks of Covid-19.