Multistory parking lots to be built in Male’ City

One of the main roads of Male' City | Photo: Maldives Times

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation of Maldives has announced that the ministry is planning to build multistory parking lots in Male’ City with the first one being built at Heenaamaage land.

While talking at Committee on National Development And Heritage of the parliament today, Deputy Minister of the transport ministry, Shimaaz Ali told that this was being planned together with the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and Ministry of Economic Development and that they were planning to start this project before the end of this year.

He also told that the first building will be four stories high and that additional six building would developed throughout Male’ City in order to minimize the congestion in the city. He said the congestion of Male’ roads can be done by vehicles being registered to a specific garage, constructing parking buildings and more parking zones on the roads.

Previous government had built Smart Car Parking Systems in the city to bring a solution to the traffic congestion but the current administration had taken those off without being used since installation. The first system specialized for cars was installed in the land near Velaanaage during January 2017 which was operational during July of 2017. The second system specialized for motorcycles was installed and tested on Heenaamaage location during September but not used for parking.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of Maldives, 227,486 people live in the Male’ area alone and according to statistics released by the ministry, 64,000 motorcycles, 4,500 cars and vans and 2,500 other vehicles such as pick-ups and lorries were registered in Malé at the beginning of 2019.