MVR 84 million agreement signed with RDC to develop Ameeneemagu

Malé Streetscaping Project | Photo: RDC

Malé, Maldives – Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and Road Development Corporation (RDC) signed an agreement to develop Ameeneemagu under the Malé Streetscaping Project.

The project with an estimated cost of MVR 84.4 will be completed within 210 days. The Malé Streetscaping Project will recommence with the Ameeneemagu project after a hiatus.

The Malé Streetscaping Project was launched in 2020 by the incumbent government with MVR 462 allocated from the budget.

The project encompasses road resurfacing, development of a conventional ducting system and underground utility lines, street beautification, parking solutions and the introduction of a city-wide public transport network. The streets of Malé are classified into five categories; arterial roads, city roads, secondary roads, neighbourhood roads and pedestrian streets.

The project is designed to safely accommodate travellers of all ages and abilities—motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transport users—in addition to incorporating critical infrastructure for parking, stormwater drainage, dewatering for construction sites, and an active fire hydrant system. It would see the development of a total of 18.08 kilometres of roads.