Land rent to be paid to Male’ City Council

Mayor of Male' City Council | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives — Mayor Shifa Mohamed has revealed that the Male’ City Council is working on changing the method for paying rent of the places under the council, from Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), to the council directly.

While talking at “Raaje Miadhu,” program of local new outlet, “PSM”, Mayor Shifa stated that although some of the places under the supervision of the Malé city council are required to pay their rent to MIRA, the council is working on changing this method to paying the all rent directly to the city council rather than MIRA.

She went on the explain  that they have already started collecting the rents from some places via “Bandeyri Portal.”

“We are currently having a discussion with MIRA about letting the rent of some of the markets and lands in the Malé city to be given to the Malé City Council. Now majority of the places given for rent from the council will be able to pay the rent directly to the council through Bandeyri Portal,” Shifa stated.

Shifa also mentioned that the the lands given for rent in Malé and Vilimalé can also pay their rent to the city council through Bandeyri Portal, which was created to enhance the implementation of the state budget, designed to facilitate credit funding requests, budget control transactions and special single-source assignments for projects and services carried out by ministries.

While the matter is yet to be finalized, no official comment has been made with regards to Shifa’s remarks by the Ministry of Finance or MIRA.