Mayor Shifa of Male’ City faces no confidence vote

photo: President's office

Male’, Maldives – Mayor of Male’ City, Shifa Mohamed has been faced with a no confidence vote with allegations of misconduct against her.

Mohamed Fazeen, the councilor for North Maafannu constituency revealed that there are 39 allegations against Shifa which were submitted on July 16, but that the case was heard during a council meeting on Tuesday.

Eight councilors voted in favor of taking a vote of no-confidence against Shifa, while councilors voted against the move, including Deputy Mayor Shamau Shareef. Shifa was given 10 days to respond to the allegations against her, following which, the no confidence vote will be taken.

Allegations against her include the authorization for spending in violation of the Public Accounts Act, and bypassing  committee decisions to make arbitrary decisions.

Shifa ran in the MDP primaries for the local council elections for re-election, but lost to Anas Abdul Sattar.