Dhaftharu was intended for Malé people; not islanders: Malé City Mayor Shifa

Mayor of Malé City, Shifa Mohamed | Photo: HEOC

Malé, Maldives – Mayor of Malé City Shifa Mohamed has expressed concerns over the lack of Council in distributing “Hiya” flats.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage, Mayor Mohamed Shifa said that a letter sent from the President’s Office on 13 December 2018 clearly stated that all the necessary formalities regarding the flats built in Malé city are to be managed by the City Council.

Shifa stated that however, she is concerned that on various occasions, the government continues the distribution of the flats without the involvement of the council. She noted that Malé City Council is managing the Cinamalé flats which are now in a very bad condition and might have to be demolished any time.

Further speaking at the Parliamentary Committee, Malé Mayor Shifa raised the issue of atoll Councils being part of flat allocation process in their respective districts, while Malé city did not follow procedure.

According to local news “Sun”, Malé City Mayor Shifa noted that a large number of people from the atolls registered for “dhaftharu” in 2018 prior to flat applications, which she asserted was created for Malé people with no residences in Malé and not intended for islanders.

Islanders were allowed to migrate to Malé after Minivan 25. Dhaftharu was not intended for islanders to register. There are over 2000 people belonging to Malé who do not have housing at present.

Malé City Mayor Shifa

Mayor Shifa stated that flat allocations from 2012 to 2019 have to be reviewed in order to allocate flats to the rightful people.