Music and singing is not haraam: Alhan Fahmy

Alhan Fahmy | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Alhaan Fahmy who has applied for the post of Male’ City Mayor, said that it cannot be decided that music and singing is forbidden is Islam.

After Alhan tweeted this, he later tweeted saying that something which all scholars agree upon, is that the judgment of all action in Islam is based upon the intent with which the act is carried out. “It is important to determine with what intention songs are sung or words are spoken or music is listened to!” Alhan said.

Alhaan has been receiving a lot of attention from the media lately for his controversial statements, including a tweet he sent out two weeks ago, saying that drugs such as Marijuana must be allowed in Maldives for medical purposes. Furthermore, in a past tweet tagging the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, Alhaan said that the Parliament must think about allowing cannabis for medical purposes.

In addition to these tweets, Alhaan also said that the former singer Ali Rameez, who ended his music career for religious reasons, should consider restarting singing. The main reason for Alhaan’s publicity within the media are these tweets and statements for which he has been receiving a lot of criticism.