Nasheed accuses Fairoosh for taking law into his own hands: Alhan Fahmy

Alhan Fahmy | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Former MP of Feydhoo Constituency and current candidate for Male’ City Mayor in the upcoming elections, Alhan Fahmy has stated that Former President and current Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed is only trying to hold Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr.Abdullah Fairoosh accountable for taking laws into his own hands.

The statement was made by Alhan Fahmy replying to a tweet from Dr.Fairoosh that he is free to choose a profession of his own choice and that no official can snatch away that right from him. Following the tweet, Alhan tweeted saying the even though the statement is true, Speaker Nasheed is only trying to hold Dr.Fairoosh accountable for taking laws into his own hands and leading a police mutiny that lead Speaker Nasheed to resign as President back then. He also added that Dr.Fairoosh has disobeyed the orders and violated the chain of command.

Phairoosh joined Maldives police on October 12, 1998. He has a PhD in Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, and a Master’s Degree in International Security Studies. His retirement comes within a week after the enactment of the new Police Act, which has provisions to enable the Police Board to investigate and dismiss high-ranking police officers accused of corruption and inhumane acts.

Phairoosh had served as acting head of Maldives police following the fall of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration in 2012, and is accused of playing a key role in the civil unrest preceding Nasheed’s resignation, which Nasheed claims had been forced. The decision to appoint Phairoosh as Assistant Commissioner of Police has been long criticised by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).