277 new lawyers take oath

Oath taking ceremony of the Bar Council of Maldives held online | Photo: MV Bar Council

Male’, Maldives – 277 lawyers have taken their oath yesterday after completing the Bar Council of the Maldives training.

The oath was administered by High Court Judge Mohamed Niyaz in the ceremony which was held virtually. The Chief Justice of the Maldives, Ahmed Muthasim Adnan also took part in the ceremony.

While giving his remarks to the new lawyers, he advised all to keep on gaining more experience and learn new things as much as possible. In addition to this he also advised to spend their time in writing and reading to enhance their knowledge further. He also told that the legal practice should not only be considered as a means of income and those who do so do not succeed in the field.

The Chief Justice also highlighted the importance of speaking the truth and to be able to draw out the relevant information from vast amounts through the research skills which is highly important skill for lawyers.

The ceremony was also attended by the former Attorney General, Dr Mohamed Munnawar. In his remarks he highlighted the importance of gaining knowledge and also spoke on the importance of maintaining a proper discipline for all the lawyers.

According to the Legal Profession Act (05/2019) mandates that all lawyers must do the bar exam to be certified for the practice. However, as the bar exam was not carried out leaving numerous people who had finished their course left without their licence, the Legal Profession Act (05/2019) was amended to bring a solution to the issue. With the new amendment by the parliament, those who wanted to be licenced needed to complete a one month training carried out by the Bar Council of the Maldives.

The training was carried out from September 23 until September 28 in which 283 people successfully completed the training. Out of this 277 took their oath today. Even though they have taken their oath today, all of them are required to sit for the earliest bar exam being carried out.