Local youth seriously injured in a street fight in Addu

The person who was injured during the street fight in Hithadhoo, Addu City

Addu City, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has stated that a local youth has been seriously injured in a fight between two groups in Hithadhoo, Addu City last night.

The individual had been attacked with a sharped edged weapon and he had suffered multiple cuts on his back and left hand. In the pictures received by ‘The Times of Addu’, the individual had several cuts on his body including a cut of about 6 inches on his lower back and also had some fingers cut off from his left hand.

Maldives Police Service has not revealed any details of the individual but only stated that the case was reported to them at 00:28 today and that the person had suffered serious injuries. The individual was taken to Addu Equatorial Hospital where his injuries are being treated.