B2C campaign launched in France to market Maldives

MMPRC holds a promotion campaign in France to market Maldives. | Photo via Maldives Insider

Malé, Maldives — The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) revealed that they have launched a B2C campaign in France.

MMPRC is holding this campaign in collaboration with a Tour Operator from France, VeryChic. The aim of the campaign is to market the Maldives in by ensuring the residents in France that Maldives is a safe haven for all tourists.

The campaign lauched by MMPRC also highlights that despite the time of pandemic, Maldives is still the most preferred and one of the safest destinations in the world as the countries in Maldives are naturally dispersed across the country. Due to this unique geographical distribution of islands, the campaign shows that the chances of a tourist getting infected while in a holiday in Maldives is very unlikely.

Furthermore, according to MMPRC, a newsletter will be sent to 500,000 addresses on VeryChic’s database to create awareness about the country and to also promote the exciting activities Maldives offers despite having an ongoing pandemic.

Apart from this campaign, MMPRC has conducted several marketing campaigns throughout the world as well to inform the people about how the Maldives is a safe destination in order to attract more tourists.

As Maldives depends solely on the Tourism sector, closing the international borders of several countries due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had several negative impacts on the economy of Maldives.

While Maldives had also closed their borders on March 27 due to a strike in the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, the country had reopened the international borders on July 15 in hopes of recovering the losses the economy had faced.