Covid-19: Special taskforce established to tackle Kulhuduffushi cases

Aerial view of Kulhudhuffushi City | Photo: Abooish

Kulhudhuffushi City, Maldives — A special taskforce has been established to deal with the ongoing Covid-19 local transmission in Kulhudhuffushi City.

With the instructions of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the taskforce has been formulated with the contribution of the Vice President Faisal Naseem, to ensure that the number of confirmed cases do not rise again after it has spiked up after a some time.

Therefore, to establish the task force, a meeting chaired by Vice President Faisal was held on Tuesday, where the Kulhudhuffushi City Council, representatives of the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital and both Members of the Parliament for Kulhudhuffushi North and South constituencies were present.

During the meeting, Vice President Faisal spoke about how it is important to control the number of confirmed cases from the island with a population of nearly 10,000 people.

He said that as the island plays a huge role as an economic hub for the nothern atolls, they must contain the virus as fast as they can while limiting the closure of certain services. Therefore, the special taskforce is scheduled to leave to Kulhudhuffushi in the coming future.

On Saturday, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) informed that the island Kulhudhuffushi will be placed under monitoring for the fourth time after four cases of the coronavirus were confirmed which were linked to another positive Covid-19 case in the island. Till yesterday, the island has a total of 11 active cases of which 8 confirmed cases are linked cases.

While all the residents of Kulhudhuffushi are instructed to wear masks and adhere to further guidelines of HPA, although the restaurants have not been ordered to close yet, they are also given the instruction to follow HPA’s guidelines to reduce the spread of infections.

Maldives has confirmed a total of 11,271 cases, of which there are only 993 active cases currently present in the country. While 10,234 people have completely recovered from the virus, 37 people have passed away from it. The recovery rate of Maldives is at 90%.