Thousands of fake nude photos of women released on social media

More than 100,000 women have had their clothes digitally removed from images. | Photo: Getty Images

Over a 100,000 fake naked pictures of different women are being shared throughout the internet, after an Artificial Intelligence (AI) service available for free throughout the world has been used by thousands of people to transform a clothed women’s pictures into naked ones without the consent or the knowledge of the woman.

The misleading act is done through the messaging app, Telegram where any users of an automated “chatbot” in Telegram are able to submit the picture of a clothed women anonymously and are able to get an altered version with the clothing removed.

As this AI technology is trained on large databases of actual nude photographs, it will be able to provide naked pictures of women that seem lifelike by matching the skin tone and adding breasts and genitalia where clothes once were.

Although the new users of the Chatbot can get free access to some of their pictures in the beginning, they are encouraged to pay if they wish to get more service from the Chatbot.

When the administrator of Chatbot was asked about the harmfulness of this tool, he said that it is harmless and that the operators of this tool take no responsibility for the women targeted by its user base.

While the face of the women are not blurred and clearly visible to the world, majority of the women look of the ages below 18. Infact, an internet poll shows that approximately 63% of the users are using the bot to undress females that they already know in real life. 

Internal surveys reveal that the majority of the users of this service are residents of Russia. The other users belong to the countries, United States and across Europe, Asia and South America as well.

While Sensitivity, an Amsterdam-based cybersecurity start-up was the first to discover this new bot, the Cheif Executive of Sensitivity, Giorgio Patrini warned that “Having a social media account with public photos is enough for anyone to become a target,” although, most of the targeted women currently are popular entertainers or social media influencers with sizable audiences.