Expat who trespassed naked into Islamic Centre to be deported

Maldives Islamic Centre | Photo: Smart Travel

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that the Bangladeshi citizen who invaded the Islamic Centre in capital city Male’ nude, is to be deported back to his country.

Police further revealed that the expat brought into custody regarding the case at 8:29 pm on 21st January, has now been released and preparations to deport him are ongoing after discussions with his sponsor.

Investigations revealed that the expat first entered the mosque wearing a t-shirt and shorts shouting that he wants go back to his country with his hands in the air. He was requested to leave from the premises by the locals present. Although he initially left, he later returned to the mosque without any clothes on.

He was removed from the premises forcefully by the Police along with a few locals present. Investigation also shows that the person was removed after he roamed naked in the mosque for a while and some mosque property has also been damaged in the process.