Awaiting the decision of Finance Ministry to discontinue meter charge: FENAKA

MD of FENAKA Ahmed Saeed | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Managing Director of FENAKA Ahmed Saeed, on Saturday has said that the board of the company has decided to deduct the MVR 30 being charged as a meter fee in January and that the delay in implementing the decision is due to delays in approval from the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

Speaking at the sewerage system inauguration event for central Hithadhoo area, held in Addu City today, Saeed stated that the board’s decision has been forwarded to the Ministry and that the implementation of the decision can only happen when the Ministry of Finance approves the decision.

“Today I repeat my self again, FENAKA has done all the necessary work. The matter of MVR 30 deduction has been forwarded to the relevant government authorities. However, it has not been communicated whether the deduction will be approved or when it would be approved. It will be shared when the stage is reached.” He said.

The issue had been previously highlighted by the Mayor of Addu City, Abdullah Sodiq as well, who stated that even houses who do not use the water at all are required to pay a meter fee, which has observed to cause added distress to the public. He further said that he does not believe that a tap at the bottom of the wall of a house should be charged with a monthly fee of MVR 30 and that government companies should consult the council prior to deciding fees for services being provided.