MVR 30 water meter charge abolished

MD of FENAKA Ahmed Saeed | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – FENAKA Maldives has announced that the MVR 30 water meter charge which they have been taking until now has been abolished by the president.

Speaking at the ceremony to mark the completion of water and sewerage project of Maradhoo, Maradhoofeydhoo and Feydhoo, MD of FENAKA, Ahmed Saeed told that the President Solih had entrusted him to deliver the news of the meter charge abolishment to the people.

While the board of FENAKA had decided to stop taking the meter charge of MVR 30 in January 2020, the decision was not executed due to the approvals required from Finance Ministry and other government institutions not being approved.

The governments decision has been announced today while the matter had been addressed several times by the people of Addu City before. Speaking on the matter, Addu City Mayor, Abdulla Sodiq has said that it did not make any sense for FENAKA to charge people even though they did not use the supply water and for the water meter being just there at their home. He also had said that companies should have discussed with the city council before taking such decisions.