Addu City Council calls to speed up investigation on Faskuri hijacking

Local fishermen lined at the end of a 'dhoani' during a session of pole and line fishing | Photo: The Maldives Expert

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council has called upon the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed and the Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture to speed up the investigation on the act of terrorism which took place against a group of Addu fishermen, who were near Laamu Atoll on a boat named Faskuri, which was hijacked by a group of armed men.

As such, the council requested Minister Zaha to investigate the terrorist act carried out against the Faskuri boat, which was operating under the license number P5422B-01-06-O, under a fishing license issued by the Fisheries Ministry, in accordance with the Fisheries Act of Maldives, and to take swift action against the hijackers who used sharp edged weapons to intimidate the crew and captain of the vessel.

Highlighting that the fishermen and their families are traumatized following the events, the council also requested the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed to ensure the safety of the crew until they are able to reach back to Addu. Condemning the attack, the council called upon the authorities to take the strictest possible action against the perpetrators.

The hijacking took place while the boat was in Laamu atoll, out at sea catching bait fish. Some 30 hijackers are reported to have taken over the boat with sharp objects, demanding that the boat be turned around and taken to the Laamu Gan harbour. Police have confirmed that the hijacking was carried out over an ownership dispute between the original owner of the vessel and Rich Club Maldives Pvt Ltd, which procured the vessel two years ago, but failed to complete the payment.

Three have been arrested in connection to the crime as of now and Laamu Gan Magistrate Court has ordered that the vessel be temporarily handed over to the original owner of the vessel until a final verdict is reached.