Yameen vows to free JSC from “political grip”

Former President and current opposition leader, Yameen Abdul Gayyoom | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Former President and opposition leader, Yameen Abdul Qayyoom has vowed that it is his party, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), which would save the economy of this country and reform the legal and judicial system of this country as well as save the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) from a ‘political grip’.

Yameen, who is currently serving a five year jail sentence at Maafushi jail said this in a message publicized by his lawyer, on the occasion of the ninth year anniversary of PPM.

In his message, Yameen is also known as the ‘Economist’, indicated that the economy of the Maldives is not well, and that the situation could be resolved in an administration of PPM, highlighting that it was only PPM which was able to improve the economy of Maldives even in the past.

Vowing to reform the judicial and legal system of the country, he said, “The only party which brought economic development and progress to the Maldives is PPM. With the will of God, PPM will again be able to save the economy of Maldives, and bring meaningful reform to the legal and judicial system as well as free JSC from political influence. Please continue the work you are doing together. God willing, the fruit of hard work will be sweet.”

His lawyer, speaking at the lawyers’ meeting held today, said that Yameen still stands strong for the sake of the people, even in Maafushi jail and that the high hopes Yameen has for this country can be seen today in the form of a huge development.