Work visa payment for expatriate workers out of country made online

Expatriates wait for a chance at registration at the National Football Stadium in capital city Male' | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Immigration has announced that expatriates working in the Maldives who have left the country for various reasons will now be able to pay their via fees online.

The Immigration detailed that this would allow expatriates working in the Maldives, who have left the country for various reasons and have ended up unable to return, which lead to the cancellation of their visas to pay their visa fees.

As per the Immigration, the applicants are required to fill the “Miscellaneous Work Visa Fee Form” which is also known as the IM41 form and mail it to, upon which all required information will be uploaded tot he expat online system within seven working days. It was also stated that the due amount would be visible when the expatriate’s record is selected.

It was further instructed that this form is to be paid by those who wish to cancel their visas after paying the due fees, and that these fees would have to be paid within the 90 days stated on the portal.