Employment status verification to be done for expats being repatriated

Expatriates wait for a chance at registration at the National Football Stadium in capital city Male' | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Economic Development of Maldives has announced for the employment information of the Bangladeshi expatriates who are willing to repatriate from Maldives.

The Ministry revealed that the Maldivian and Bangladesh government is working together on a program called “Voluntary Repartition” to repatriate the expatriates who are working illegally in Maldives without a valid employment permit.

The Ministry further revealed that although some of the employment permits given by the expatriates are valid, that the expatriates are claiming that they are currently not working for the employer who got them the employment permits. As such, to verify the claims of some of these people, the Ministry has publicized several employment permits of such expatriates to make sure that they have valid permits and that they are being honest.

Ministry further urged all of those expatriates to provide further information about their current employment and to mail it to repatriation@trade.gov.mv before November 21. The mail requires the full name of the expatriate along with their passport number and details of their current employer as well.

While President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced on May that the repatriates living illegally in Maldives will be repatriated under the “Voluntary Program”, up to date, the country has repatriated over 7,000 expatriates who were living in Maldives without any valid permits.

Furthermore, the country has also repatriated over 8,000 expatriates who were willing to leave to their country despite having valid employement permits. The Ministry revealed that they aim to send back at least 10,000 expatriates by the end of 2020.

The Economic Minster of Maldives, Fayyaz Ismail mentioned that although the initial target of the Ministry was to repatriate at least 20,000 expatriates who are living illegally in Maldives, he said that the it appears that the target cannot be reached. However, Minister Fayyaz mentioned that he targets to repatriate at least 20,000 expatriates the coming year as well.