Thulusdhoo reopened for tourists


Thulusdhoo, Maldives — Thulusdhoo has welcomed its first tourist to the island, marking the reopening of tourism in the little island of Kaafu atoll, in central Maldives.

To mark the grand welcoming of the first arrival, the island hosted a small ceremony, which was attended by the Tourism Minister of Maldives, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed in Maldives on March 17, the guesthouses in Maldives were closed down for visitors, until the 15th of October. However, even then, only selected facilities across the country have been granted approval, only after ensuring compliance with the regulations set forth by the Ministry and health care agencies.

According to the latest information given by the Tourism Ministry, till date, they have given a total of 69 guesthouses in 06 atolls the permission to reopen for tourists.

The islands with the permission to reopen are:

  • N. Fohdhoo
  • K. Huraa
  • K. Maafushi
  • K. Thulhusdhoo
  • K. Guraidhoo
  • K. Gulhi
  • K. Hinmafushi
  • V. Fulidhoo
  • V. Thinadhoo
  • Aa. Mathiveri
  • Aa. Thohdhoo
  • Aa. Ukulhas
  • Aa. Rasdhoo
  • S. Feydhoo
  • S. Maradhoofeydhoo
  • Fuvahmulah City

HPA further revealed that if a guesthouse in an inhabitant island recieves the permission to reopen, wearing masks will be made mandatory for all the people living in that island.