UNODC donates equipment to Maldives Police Service

Handover of equipment to Maldives Police Service by UNODC | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has received equipment donated by the United Nationals Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication system of the institution.

The equipment was handed over to Maldives Police during a special event held at the Iskandhar Building, which received in behalf of Maldives Police Service, by the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed. The equipment, which was donated in association with the Japanese government was handed over to the Maldives by the Project Support Officer of the Global Maritime Crime Program, Joshua Arteta Gonzalez.

During the ceremony, Commissioner Hameed thanked the UNODC and the Japanese government for the assistance provided to Maldives Police Service, and highlighted that the communication system of the institution was modernized in 2004, detailing that communication systems were established in nine areas of the country under foreign aid at the time and that since then, the system has expanded to 16 regions of the country.

He also went on to highlight the current efforts in developing the policing work in the country, such as the work being done to develop a front line technology, increasing online services provided and the production of a custom software for digital transfortmation.

The UNODC has been assisting Maldives Police Service in the efforts to strengthen the communication system of the institution since the year 2017.