Police start using taser guns

Police officers seen with the taser guns which will be used in their operations. | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that taser guns will be used in police operations from yesterday onwards.

Police Commissioner Mohammed Hameed tweeted that sergeants and higher ranking officers who have completed special training will carry and use the weapons.

Police usually use pepper spray, trumpets and guns in major operations against dangerous criminals, terrorism and drugs. Police have said earlier that it is a challenge when conducting major operations.

Rules have been made and gazetted to allow the use of such facilities under the powers conferred by the Police Service Act.

The commissioner said last November that teaser guns are used in two countries across Asia. Qatar also announced that it would use 500 taser guns in connection with the World Cup, the CP said at the time.

The police currently have 25 of its guns in service. More guns are being sought, he said.

Hameed said the teaser gun is safer than pepper spray. “This is the most advanced, safe equipment. Statistically, even a person accused of a crime, is the most effective weapon to curtail the person’s violence. It is a weapon allowed to the police within the legal power and discretion of the police. Hopefully we deploy the enforcement option soon,” the CP said.