President Solih lied about Yameen: Opposition

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) and Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom

Male’, Maldives – The opposition coalition has said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is spreading lies about the former President, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

The coalition said that President Solih lied when he mentioned that former President Yameen gave out some of the tourism lands unfairly and that Yameen had gained profit from the money that was earned by those lands during his presidency.

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Hoarafushi Airport, President Solih said that Yameen gave tourism lands at an unfair rate during his presidency. He also said that Yameen had also taken profit from the money those islands had received from investors.

“To date, about 85 islands that were sold by the previous government have still not been completed. The money that the state is supposed to get from these islands are not there, we didn’t receive it.” President Solih stated.

President Solih further noted that up to date, the incumbent government did not lend any lands for tourism.

This is not all. President Yameen also took the money he received by unfairly giving out those lands at a low rate. If only we had that money included in the proposed budget, then atleast, we could have used it for expenses.

President Solih stated while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Hoarafushi Airport

As a response to President Solih’s statements, the opposition coalition said that what the President spoke about during the expensive inauguration ceremony of the Hoarafushi Airport, -the previous government had started- was of a lower level than the incumbent MDP party and that it was ill-favoured and uncivilized.

“While the citizens are facing an indigence and concerning time, President Solih wasted millions of money and went on a trip to Thiladhunmathi just to campaign for his party and speak about things that are, as usual, spoken by the lowest level of MDP activists and that does not make sense, have no way of proving and are pure lies”

The statement revealed by PCC read.

The statement from Progressive Congress Coalition (PCC) further stated that whatever President Solih spoke regarding the economy and the calculations of the debts Maldives has had for the past 15 years is the total opposite of the truth that is visible to everyone. They said that even though the president had not gotten an education in economics, it is the responsibility of a president to make sure that the information given to the president and what he speaks about is correct information.

The statement also said that what the president spoke about showed the citizens that he is not someone who is fit for such a position during such an educated and civilized time the country is in.

The coalition further challenged President Solih to show proof of the accusations he put on Yameen and said that if he is not able to show proof, he will have to face justice for it when his presidency ends.

On that day, if you are still not able to prove your statements when you are presented at the court, we would like to tell that the day for your highness to be locked up behind the bars will come closer too.

The statement revealed by PCC read.

PCC also said that it would be benificial for the president to be aware of the fact that, none of the members from PCC will ever forget that the President of their party, Former President Yameen has been locked up in the bars unfairly and wrongfully for almost a year. They further noted that it would be a huge mistake for the President to believe that he will always remain in power of the country.

The statement from PCC also noted that what the president spoke about not being able to manage the country due to the money Former President Yameen took from those 85 islands are all lies as well. They said that their President, Yameen did not take any money from those islands.

PCC also gave detailed information of the changes that were brought to the economy during Yameen’s presidency and the debt that Maldives had during the last days of Yameen’s presidency. The statement further showed that after President Solih came into power, 45 loans were taken till date, and that all of these loans amount up to $1.6 Billion and that this debt record is an embarrassment to the citizens.