President’s main intention is revenge: MP Shareef

Member of Parliament for Maduvvari Constituency Adam Shareef | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Opposition party People’s National Congress’ (PNC) Member of Parliament for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef has said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s main intention is revenge which is fueled by a personal grudge againt the Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

MP Shareef, the former Minster of Defence during Yameen’s presidency, said that even after president Yameen was falsely imprisoned on fictitious charges, President Solih is not content and continues to berate the former president with untrue accusations.

Shareef said this after President Solih claimed yesterday that Former president Yameen leased islands for tourism at unfair prices and accused Yameen of gaining monetary benefits from such proceeds.

“President Yameen also took the money he received by unfairly giving out those lands at a low rate. If only we had that money included in the proposed budget, then at least, we could have used it for expenses.”

President Solih stated while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Hoarafushi Airport

The president claimed that about 85 islands that were sold by the previous governments for resorts have still not been completed, and the money expected to be generated from these islands has not been received. President Solih further added that up to date, the incumbent government did not sell any islands for tourism.

The president’s remarks were met with backlash form the opposition saying that what the President spoke about during the expensive inauguration ceremony of the Hoarafushi Airport, a project started by the previous government, was of a lower level than the incumbent MDP party and that it was ill-favored and uncivilized.

The coalition said that during Yameen’s presidency, he managed to increase the tourism bed capacity from 24,000 to 48,000 beds and that Yameen had grown the tourism industry of Maldives during his presidency more than any other President in the history of Maldives.

The coalition also noted that when President Solih came into power, the debts were at 74 percent compared to the GDP, however, just after two years of President Solih’s presidency, this has increased to a world record rate after the debt rate increased to 107 percent.

“On that day, if you are still not able to prove your statements when you are presented at the court, we would like to tell that the day for your highness to be locked up behind the bars will come closer too.”

Excerpt from the statement by PCC

The coalition further threatened President Solih with jail time unless he is able to show proof of the accusations he put on Yameen and informed the President that it would be a huge mistake for him to believe that he will always remain in power of the country.