Villingili-Kooddoo bridge to be built under contractor financing

Linking the islands of Villingili and Koodoo by a bridge was a presidential pledge by Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: Sotti

Male’, Maldives – It has been announced that the bridge to be built, connecting Gaafu Alif. Villingili and Kooddoo of the same atoll, located in the southern region of Maldives has been delayed due to Covid-19, and that the work will resume under contractor financing policies.

Member of Parliament for Villingili constituency, Saud Hussain stated that he has forwarded a letter to President Solih, clarifying information regarding the project, as well as requesting that the project be included in the state budget for the year 2021, urging that the project be started as soon as possible. Saud also attached a concept drawing prepared by the people of Villingili, along with the letter.

He detailed that this project would be beneficial to the entire atoll, specially employees working at the Kooddoo Fishering Complex, Kooddoo Airport and city hotel as well as bring social and economic benefits to the atoll.

Since then, President’s Office has replied to the letter, saying that the project has been delayed due to Covid-19 and that efforts are underway to start the project under contractor financing policies.

Initially this year’s budget had included MVR 1 million for the surveying and research aspects for the bridge construction, which is a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The amount has now been reallocated for next year.

Visiting Villingili during his presidential campaign, President Solih stated that building a bridge between the island and Kooddoo would not cost so much and that he would see it done during his presidential term.