GA. Villingili condemns bringing Covid-19 patient to Covid-19 facility in the island!

Photo: Majilis

GA. Villingili, Maldives – Member of Parliament of GA. Villingili constituency Saud Hussain, has expressed his opinion regarding the incident which took place in GA. Villingili, where a Covid-19 patient of Thinadhoo was denied entry to Villingili in which the Covid-19 medical facility is based in, stating that it was wrong to have taken the patient out of Thinadhoo.

Sparking more anger within the public regarding the matter, which some describe as inhumane, Saud, in an argument between MPs of Huvadhoo atoll, that removing the patient from Thinadhoo was wrong. His comments were met with retaliation from MP of Madaveli constituency, Hussain Firushan,  and MP of North Thinadhoo constituency Abdullah Saneef, who reminded Saud that the patient was taken to the island to be admitted in the Covid-19 medical facility, which is the regional medical facility for all individuals of the region who test positive for coronavirus.

MP Firshan went on to say that even if a Covid-19 patient was brought to the island for the purpose of being admitted to the facility from Male’, the patient should be allowed access to the island and that it is something which cannot be denied.

MP Saneef hit back at Saud saying that the Covid-19 facility does not only belong to GA. Villingili, but to the entire atoll.

The patient in question has since been transported to Male’.