Junior Astronaut Program launched in Maldives

Riffath Mohamed
Chairman of Institute for Global Success (IGS), Riffath Mohamed. | Photo: IGS

Male’, Maldives – The Institute for Global Success (IGS) has launched a Junior Astronaut Program in Maldives with the collaboration of Canadian Space Agency.

The program was officially launched today at a special ceremony that was held at the Youth Center in the capital of the country, Male’ city. IGS announced that the program will be held in Male’ city and that the opportunities are open for any interested students between the ages 13-15.

However, IGS noted that the first batch for this program will only select a maximum of 28 students, on a first-come-first-serve basis. The students who could not participate in the first batch, can however, be waitlisted to take part in the training programs that are expected to be held in the near future.

During the special launching ceremony, the Chairman of IGS, Riffath Mohamed said that this program is a golden opportunity for the students who wish to become astronauts.

Students who finish this program will get the opportunity to get further training in NASA. These trainings include of getting the opportunity to learn how to do tasks at zero gravity as well. Experiences like this will increase the motivation of the students to further pursue this career.

Chairman of IGS, Riffath Mohamed said.

While the training program is scheduled to be start on 6 December 2020, it will continue for a one month period and it expected to end on 7 January 2021. The course fee for this training program is MVR 2,990.

Last week, IGS also launched the first ever space program in Maldives with the collaboration of KSF Space Foundation of United Kingdom. According to Riffath, during this program, they will be doing scientific research to design, build and launch the space crafts in Maldives.

IGS is an institute that is working hard on developing new leaders, engineers and scientists in Maldives. Riffath said that they wish to broaden the opportunities for locals and hope that they can create several eligible Maldivian astronauts via these programs.