Famous businessman and anesthesiologist, Dr. Manik passes away

Dr. Ibrahim Umar Manik | Photo: Open Source

Singapore – The first anesthesiologist of Maldives and prominent businessman, Dr. Ibrahim Umar Manik has passed away on Wednesday night, in Singapore, while seeking treatment for a heart condition.

During his time in the health care industry, we served many years at the government’s Central Hospital, which would account for more than 15 years. He is also contributed to the Maldives a businessman, having have been the Director of one of the biggest tourism companies in the country, Universal Enterprises.

Apart from having have been the owner of the first aerated water company in the country, which eventually introduced Coca Cola to the Maldives, he also owns several resorts, including Anantara Dhigurah and Niyama Private Limited. He also shared part in the development of Manta Airways, one of the newest airline companies in the country.

Dr. Manik is survived by a daughter and a sun, who are both equally well known in the tourism industry.

Dr. Manik passed away at the Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore after he was taken there just days after being released from the ICU after seeking treatment for a heart condition.