BREAKING: Maldivian actor Koyya Hassan Manik undergoing Covid-19 treatment passes away

Koyya Hassan Manik | Photo: Open Source

Malé, Maldives – Maldivian movie star Hassan Manik, or more famously known as Koyya Hassan Manik has passed away today.

It has been reported that Manik was diagnosed with Covid-19 just days before his demise and was receiving care at the 11th floor of the Dharumavantha Hospital, which is a dedicated Covid-19 ICU facility.

While the authorities have not released the identity of the individual, HPA has released the information of the 60th Covid-19 death matching the age and treatment location of the actor.

Manik who has served the Maldivian entertainment sector for years was featured in famous local movies such as E Bappa, Dhanmalhi and Maadeh Neiy.

Messages of condolences to his family and prayers for his soul have flooded social media since the news of his passing.