Addu is the most naturally beautiful atolls in Maldives: Nasheed

Speaker and former President, Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Majlis

Addu City, Maldives –– The former President and the current Speaker of the parliament, Mohamed Nasheed said that the southernmost atoll of Maldives, Addu City is one of the most naturally beautiful atolls currently in the country.

While speaking at the parliament regarding a tourism bill, Nasheed said that Addu City is one of the most naturally beautiful atolls in Maldives and that the natural beauty of Addu is very different compared to the remaining atolls of the country.

Nasheed also noted that till date, Maldives has been selling sand beaches and said that the tourists did not get an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty in the country.

“We know very well that our trees, plants, flowers, birds and other species are the types of natural things that can attract people,” Speaker Nasheed stated.

Nasheed further stated that even the whole world is aware of the fact that tourism cannot only be derived from the sandy beaches. He said that if we do a survey right away, we will find out that most of the tourists who arrive to Maldives are not only looking to lay on the sandy beaches, but to also enjoy the actual natural beauty of the country.

Natural beauty comes in different forms for different people. It is our responsibility to present that certain natural beauty of the country and to use it as a means for profit.

Speaker Nasheed stated.

If the Gan International Airport in Addu City is developed well, Nasheed said that it will not only benifit the atoll, but the the whole country as well.

However, as of now, the the tourism sector of Addu City remains bleak with suspended international flights and closed resorts. However, with the efforts of the government and the Tourism Ministry to revive the industry the public remains hopeful.