3rd Parliamentary term extended

Mohamed Nasheed
The Speaker of the Maldivian Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Majilis

Male’ , Maldives – The Parliament has decided to extend their third term to conclude important on going work.

The Maldivian Parliamentary Law states that the first term of Parliament is from February to April, the second term is from the first of June until August, with October to November designated as the third and final term.

However, Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed stated at the beginning of todays Parliamentary meeting that he intends to extend the current parliamentary term to the 7th of December to finish important work.

This was then decided after 46 Parliamentarians voted in favor of the proposal. 1 MP was against the proposal while 1 member did not vote.

The ‘important work’ Former President Nasheed referred to, is the debate on the amended 2021 budget recently passed by the Parliamentary Budget committee. This debate has begun today, with each member allocated 7 minutes to give their opinion on the matter.

The debate on this, along with the process of passing other important decrees, such as the decree with numerous changes to tourism policies that if passed, would greatly increase government income from tourism has made lengthening the third time necessary.