Nasheed flies to UK on an unofficial trip

Photo: Social Media

Male, Maldives – The Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has flown to the UK on an unofficial trip today.

While it is not known why he has flown to the UK amidst a global pandemic, or whether he was tested prior to his flight, it is also yet to known whether he will remain in quarantine after he reaches the UK. However, it is noteworthy that several members of his family reside in the UK.

With the Speaker of the Parliament out of the country, the remaining Parliamentary sitting of this term will be held on Monday, and chaired by Deputy Speaker Eva Abdullah. Although it was previously decided that the term was due to end by Thursday, Eva said that if another meeting was held piror to ending this term, the work regarding eight more bills would be completed.

According to the regulations of the Parliament, the first term of the Parliament will commence in January and end by April, with the second term commencing in June and ending prior to the last day of August. The last term, will only be of two months, beginning in October and ending in November.