Transfer of judges to be approved by JSC

Judge's seat of Criminal Court | photo:

Male’, Maldives – Under the new revisions brought to the Judicial Service Comission (JSC), judges who want to change from one court to another court of equivalent level can only do so after requesting at the JSC upon which a decision will be made by the commission.

According to the regulations publicised, judges can be transferred to another court of equivalent level on their own wish or when the opportunity is presented to the judge from JSC.

The judge must have had worked at their current court for a minimum period of two years before requesting to transfer. In addition to this, the judge can change to another court only if the number of judges at their current court do not decrease below the minimum number of judges required at that particular court upon their transfer. The law regarding transfer of judges to other courts further states that the judge must go through the interview phase in order to confirm their capabilities before joining another court.

If the request of the judge is approved by JSC and they are to be transferred to another court, the judge must complete all their work at the current court within 15 days. If they are unable to do so, the JSC will allow additional time following a request. An additional time period of 15 days can be allowed.