Third Quarter of Parliament will begin with Speaker Nasheed: Eva

Deputy Speaker of Maldivian Parliament and MP of North Galolhu constituency, Eva Abdulla | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Eva Abdullah stated last night that hopefully, the third quarter of the Parliament will begin with Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

After Speaker Nasheed flew to Germany to receive care for his injuries due to the attack on May 06, Deputy Speaker of the parliament Eva Abdullah took over the duties of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed until he recovers from the terrorist attack against him.

Concluding the last meeting of the second quarter of the Parliament, Eva expressed hope that Speaker Nasheed will be present when the third quarter of the Parliament begins in August 16, 2021.

At the last meeting, the parliament members debated regarding the inquiry report piled by the Parliament’s 241 Committee regarding the attack on Speaker Nasheed along with censoring some of the aspects of the report before passing about publicizing the report.

The Parliament inquiry report conducted to figure out how Speaker Nasheed’s security was breached consisted of a total of 46 recommendations, out of which some were related to further strengthening the security of Speaker Nasheed.

This means that as long as there is a possibility of an attack on Speaker Nasheed, the security must be arranged to the same level of threat that Speaker Nasheed is foreseen to face, implementing recommendations after the Defence Ministry’s threat assessment on Speaker Nasheed and providing refresher education daily as said in the guidelines to all the members of the Close Protection Team of Speaker Nasheed.

In addition to this, the report also recommends active security for 24 hours with weapons while Speaker Nasheed is in his house and even outside, along with monitoring his house area with CCTV camera’s and even establishing and educating the Close Protection Team about an “evacuation procedure.”

The report also suggests to get the help from Maldives Police Service in times Speaker Nasheed needs protection, checking the condition of his car before using it and ensuring that Speaker Nasheed’s car is a standard armed car.

The report states that the Close Protection Team of Speaker Nasheed must consist of members who have completed EOD education and are vetted by both the Defence Intelligence Service and Police Service.