Parliament in stasis until Government submits bills: Deputy Speaker Eva

Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdullah stated that the parliament has no work to do until the government sends in bills.

While the list of the bills that the government intends to submit to the parliament during its third session was revealed today, presiding Speaker Eva stated that majority of the work in the third session are in the hands of the Committees of the Parliament. Eva stated that there are currently only two bills left to debate at the Parliament.

As you would know, the last session was concluded after finishing almost all the bills that were presented until the second session… Majority of this session’s work are in the hands of the Committees.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdullah

Noting that the parliament debates can only begin after the government submits the bills, Eva stated that the parliament has no work to do until the bills are submitted.

The government is scheduled to submit 32 bills to the Parliament during the its third session. They include of:

  • Evidence Bill 
  • Bill on Compensation for Defamation 
  • Bill to amend Counter-Terrorism Act 
  • Bill to amend the Penal Code 
  • Maldives Media and Broadcasting Authority Bill 
  • Maldives Health Services Bill 
  • Bill to amend Provision of Health Services Act 
  • Bill to amend Religious Unity Act 
  • Bill to amend Judges Act 
  • Bill to amend Judicature Act 
  • Diplomatic Privileges Act 
  • Bill on Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities and Provision of Financial Aid 
  • Bill to amend Government Salary Policy Act 
  • Foreign Investment Bill 
  • Trademark Bill 
  • Bill to amend National Language Act 

The government informed that they intend to submit additional 16 bills to the list for the last session of the parliament for the year 2021.