Sports program held for disabled people

disabled people
Children with disabilities participating in a sports program held by BML. | Photo: BML

Male’, Maldives – A special sports program has started in Male’ to give opportunities for the disabled people to participate in sports activities free of charge in Maldives.

The Sports Ministry of Maldives in collaboration with Maldives Paralympic Committee and the Special Olympic Committee introduced this special sports program to support and encourage the disabled people into taking part in different sports activities.

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony of this program, the Sports Minister of Maldives, Ahmed Mahloof said that he hopes that a huge amount of people will participate in this opportunity that has been presented for them.

He said that the Sports Ministry is in full support of carrying out this program and this is why, no fee or any type of charge will be taken from the participants.

The sports ministry informed that several national associations has taken part in this program including Athletics Association of Maldives, Swimming Association of Maldives, Badminton Association of Maldives and the Football Association of Maldives as well.

Regarding this, Minister Mahloof informed that although currently there are only four main sports events in the program, if anyone wishes to take part in another sport activity, then they will provide a way for the participant to take part in that certain sport activity as well.

If there is any individual who wishes to participate in this program, they are instructed to register before the end of this month. The registration forms will be available in the Youth Accommodation block or through the online portal of Special Olympic Committee as well.

The sports program will start as soon as the Health Protection Agency gives a green light and provides guidelines as to how to conduct the activities during the Covid-19 time period.

Minister Mahloof noted that unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the sports program can only be held in Male’ for now. However, he said that as soon as the space clears, the ministry has planned to extend the sports program into different atolls of the country as well.