Development of Addu is the development of the whole country: MP Aslam

Addu City, Maldives – The  Parliament Member of Hithadhoo north constituency, Mohamed Alsam has stated that the development of the southernmost atoll of Maldives, Addu City is the development of the whole country.

While speaking at the ceremony held to celebrate the arrival of the first cargo ferry between Tuticorin, India and Addu yesterday, Aslam stated that the development of Addu City is also the development of Huvadhoo atoll, Fuvahmulah city, Hahdhunmathi (Laamu) atoll along with Thiladhunmathi atoll and Faadhippolhu (Lhaviyani) atoll as well.

Aslam further said that the country can only be developed if everyone has the mindset of being developed together. He said that no one should think that something is not being done separately for them, when a certain thing is done in another place.

The whole country can only be developed by getting out of the shattered hopes of all citizens that has been for years and by bringing a new mindset to life, by working together.

Aslam stated.

Aslam then told everyone that they should take good advantage of the new ferry cargo services in Addu City as it is an opportunity for the people who are operating small business in the southern area.

Aslam said that the trading relationship between the countries need to get stronger to do this, and for this, everyone should have a thinking of how to import goods from India and to find a way to grow and make goods that can be exported to India from the south of Maldives.

Aslam then expressed hope that the government will help build the docks in Addu City big enough for other large boats to arrive and that the parliament members of Addu will work hand in hand to make this possible.