IFAWPCA convention to be held in Maldives in 2021

43rd convention of IFAWPCA | photo: Maldives Business Review

Male’, Maldives – The convention of International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA) which was initially scheduled for 2020, has now been scheduled for October of 2021.

IFAWPCA is and association with the world’s largest contractors as participants. The convention was finalised for the first week of October 2021 during a board meeting of the association held yesterday, in which 19 countries of the association took part. The meeting was chaired by the 45th President of the association, Mohamed Ali Janah. Janah is the first ever Maldivian citizen to have been the President of an association as large as IFAWPCA and is now the longest reigning president of the association as his presidency was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the board meeting of the association, discussions were also made on how the construction industry is doing in the current situation. In addition to this discussions were also made about the budget of the association for the coming year as well as the introduction if a trust fund.

Participating countries also noted that during Janah’s presidency, the association was able to improve their relations with major financial institutes of the world such as Worl Bank and IDB. Janah said that the member countries had donated USD 700,000 to the newly found trust fund as well.

With the help of this fund, member countries would be able to educate new people into the industry. This is also a golden opportunity for Maldivians as Maldivians will have access to the opportunity through Maldives Association of Construction Industry (MACI).

Mohamed Ali Janah, President of MACI and IFAWPCA

Janah said that the convention was finalised to be held in Maldives after considering the decisions taken by the government regarding the current situation as well. He also said that controlling the pandemic and the assurance for the availablity of Covid-19 vaccine during early 2021 was an encouragement for them to have finalized the convention.