Total hip replacement surgery performed for the first time in Addu

Photo via AEH

Addu City, Maldives – A successful total hip replacement surgery was done at Addu Equatorial Hospital last Sunday.

According to a statement by the Hospital, the Orthopaedic Department of AEH performed its first total hip replacement surgery on the 6th of December.

The hospital states that this the first time such a procedure was performed in Addu City, adding that the surgery was a success and the patient has made a successful recovery after the operation.

In the statement, the hospital congratulated their Orthopaedic team, Anaesthetists and the nursing staff of the Operation Theater & Ward for their coordinated efforts in this accomplishment, adding that their Orthopaedic doctors; Dr Hazem, Dr Munshid & Dr Gustavo are members of the invaluable team that made this a reality for the people of Addu.

“Today, we have reached a milestone. With great care and support from our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists & support staff our patients are fortunate to have had these procedures in their own island surrounded by loved ones.
Once again we applaud our team!” stated AEH.

Join replacement surgeries were initiated at AEH on the 11th of November, and since then, less than a month later, the has been performed at AEH 10 times.