Covid-19: US approves Pfizer vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine
Pfizer says its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective | Photo: AFP

Washington D.C, United States – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has approved the emergency use of a vaccine created by a pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer and their German partner BioNTech.

 Pfizers vaccine had proven to be 95% effective in its Phase 3 trial and they had submitted their vaccine to US FDA regulatory approval on November.

FDA finally approved the vaccine after inspection on Friday, therefore, first Americans are likely to be vaccinated within a few days as stated by the White House vaccine chief, Moncef Slaoui.

According to President Donald Trump, the first inoculation program is expected to take  place “in less than 24 hours”.

Today our nation has achieved a medical miracle, We have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months.

President Trump

Trump further said that with the help of their partnership with FedEx and UPS, the vaccine is already being shipped to every state and zip code in the United States.

The Health and Human Services Secretary of US, Alex Azar mentioned on Friday that the department is preparing to start the mass vaccination program on Monday or possibly on Tuesday.

Experts have said that they will first focus on vaccinating the highest-priority groups, which are the health care workers, the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. This is due to the limited amount of vaccine available at first.

Pfizer said that currently they are aiming to manufacture 50 million doses of their vaccine in 2020 and 1.3 billion in the upcoming year. If the company is successful in doing so, the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic will finally come to an end before the year 2021 starts.

Pfizer and their German partner BioNTech recently claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine they have made has proven to be 95% effective. The latest data revealed by these companies showed that their vaccine has overall proven to be 95% effective and 94% effective for the volunteers who were over the age of 65 – the individuals who have a weaker immune system compared to youngsters and are at the most risk from the virus.

This is a huge success for these companies as most of the vaccines that were made has proven to be considerably less effective among older people.

While the Pfizer vaccine has already been given regulatory approval by several countries including the UK, Canada, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, these countries will also be giving priority in vaccinating the elderly, health workers and emergency crew first.