Maldivian teachers to replace a large number of expat teachers

Students taking breakfast provided through the "School Breakfast Program" | Photo: PSM News

Male’, Maldives – Numerous schools have announced that they are looking for Maldivian teachers that will replace many expatriate teachers, with a total of 18 schools across the country announcing teaching positions for various subjects.

These teaching positions have remuneration packages varying from MVR 7,070 to MVR 10,640 basic salary , along with a service allowance of MVR 2,500, in addition to other allowances.

Interviews and employment efforts of these positions will be carried out between 30 December 2020 and 8 January 2021, at respective school offices.

Deadline for application is 13:00 on the 10th of December, and is to emailed or brought to school offices.

It is currently the first term holidays for schools in Maldives, The Ministry of Education has stated that the second term of schools will begin on January 10th.

These announcements come after numerous MP’s and the public have voiced their concerns over bringing in foreign workers while a large number of qualified and able Maldivians are unemployed, especially in the tourism sector.

Covid-19 has had adverse affects on learning for Maldivian students , months of lockdown and erratic terms along with short alternating school days country-wide has had negative effects on children in the country. And with terms extended by almost a year but with relatively shorter periods to study specific modules, A’Level students are at a great disadvantage.