Tactile paving for visually impaired to be set in Male’ roads

Tactile paving | Photo: ISTOCK.COM/RONBAILEY

Male’, Maldives – The Male’ City streetscaping project is introducing tactile paving, which aid the visually impaired when commuting, on pavements currently being renovated in the city.

Under the project, RDC has completed renovating the street ‘Kan’baa Aisaa Hingun’, incorporating tactile paving. Male’ city council has stated that other roads connected to Kan’baa Aisaa Hingun, which are to be renovated under the project, will feature the same features.

Accessibility features for the impaired were also seen during the former administration, with the renovation of the city’s main road ‘Majeedhee Magu’ having dropped kerbs for individuals using wheelchairs. The feature has since been included in the renovation of pavements during the tarring of Male’s ring road.

Male’ City Council and Road Development Corporation (RDC), signed the project last January, and reveled that it would have an estimated cost of MVR 462 million. The project included, 18 kilometers of roadway and pavement on 416 roads that are to be renovated, in addition to 21 new parking spaces.

RDC was set to develop four types of roads, including arterial, city, secondary and neighborhood pedestrian roads. Both RDC and the city council affirmed that the project would put an end to the flooding issue in Male’ City.

After President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih inaugurated the ‘Male’ City Streetscaping Project’ in February, work was briefly halted due to coronavirus lockdowns. Following a one-month hiatus, work resumed in June, with RDC Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik stating that lockdown measures enabled RDC to carry out their work conveniently and swiftly as the usually congested roads of the capital are currently empty.