President to give medal to Hafizes

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attending the closing ceremony of the 33rd national Quran competition | Photo: Corporate Maldives

Male’, Maldives – Individuals memorizing the Holy Quran, and passing at the top level as Hafizes, are to receive a special medial from President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

A statement by the President’s Office revealed that winners will be awarded the special medal during the ceremony to present the National and Special Awards, on December 26, with 4 individuals winning the award this year.

The President’s Office added that Hafizes that have fully memorised the Holy Quran and while achieving the second and third highest grades will be awarded medals during the awarding ceremony of the annual National Quran Competition.

The government also organized a Virtual National Quran Competition this month, regarding which, Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali said in early December that a total of 3055 people have submitted application forms to participate in the 2020 competition, also adding that 2539 people have uploaded recording of their recitations .

A total of 343 participants got selected for the final round of this competition, with the Islamic ministry announcing today on Twitter that recordings of participants’ recitations will be broadcasted live on the local news channel VTV and the Islamic ministry’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.