No job security, most families are broke: Opposition

Opposition coalition of PPM and PNC members. | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Opposition coalition of PPM and PNC states that the Maldivian citizens have no job security in the country and that several families are broke due to the inconsiderate actions of the incumbent government.

The statement from Opposition coalition comes after a PPM council member, Soodha Abdullah was removed from her position at the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

Opposition stated that the incumbent government came into power by saying that they would provide job security and that they would not differentiate between parties when it comes to providing job security for the citizens.

However, Opposition stated that as soon as the government came into power, they had threatened and removed several citizens in different parts of the country who are supporters of the coalition.

Even if they are not a part of this coalition, the citizens who have expressed dissatisfaction and criticized the ways of this government have also been removed from their position.

Statement revealed by Opposition read.

Opposition noted that such actions upset the coalition a lot and that due to inconsiderate and inhumane actions like these, several families have become broke or are becoming broke. This is why, the opposition called on the government to stop such actions and to give proper job security to all citizens.