Fishermen protest in Ihavandhoo

Fishermen protesting in Ihanvandhoo| Photo: AdduLive

HA. Atoll, Maldives- A large number of local fishermen in HA. Ihavandhoo took to the streets earlier today voicing many of their concerns.

The protest was held near the local ice plant, with many of the demonstrators holding signs with various opinions.

The fishermen attending the protest said that the island is currently in lockdown, which is preventing them from weighing caught fish and resulting in huge losses. They added that they are running out money, and it has reached the point where they are unable to repay loans they took out to build there fishing vessels.

Protesters added that after resorts closed due to COVID-19, many young men turned to fishing for income, but just as they joined the industry, the sector’s situation turned for the worse.

“This is why we need to get out, to see if the government gives us any ease in this, the Fisheries Ministry’s calculations are not ideal, this is why we need to speak about this.” said a fisherman

While protests were carried out in Ihavandhoo today, fishermen have recently carried out protests in Lh. Felivaru just recently, with their main concern being the low selling prices of fish.