Sh. Milandhoo woman’s death shrouded in mystery

Sh.Milandhoo | Photo: MIDE Youtube

Sh.Atoll, Maldives- Authorities cannot explain the sudden death of a young woman earlier today in Sh.Milandhoo.

The ward council reported that the woman had just finished swimming at the local beach with her mother, and was about to go home before suddenly vomiting and passing out.

“We really do not know what happened, she was about to go home with her mother on their motorbike, but suddenly vomited and fell” said the island’s council member Abdullah Faaiz.

The woman, married with no kids, was sent to the local health centre via an ambulance but later passed away during treatment .

It is unclear if Police will investigate this, and there is currently no information on an autopsy- a procedure generally frowned upon in the Maldives. Funeral rites are planned to be carried out tonight.